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The care and company you need to be at home

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Junior Seniors assisting Senior Seniors

Independent Seniors is a non-medical in-home and away care and companionship service that unites younger, retired caregivers, or Junior Seniors, with older seniors, or Senior Seniors.

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Why non-medical in-home care?

Our considerate and compassionate Junior Seniors are professionally trained and skilled to provide you with the care you need to stay independent, comfortable, and safe in your home.

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The financial effects of senior care

Independent Seniors offers financial efficiency with in-home services provided at one quarter the cost of semi-private nursing homes and one third the cost of assisted living facilities.

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Do you need assistance?

It’s hard to admit that aging makes certain things more difficult but asking for help does not mean giving up your independence. More…

Does a loved one need assistance?

Independent Seniors specializes in providing care for aging parents, family members, or friends who can no longer safely care for themselves. More…